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Emil Cioran

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philosopher, essayist (1911-1995)

On the Heights of Despair, 1934

A Short History of Decay, 1950

The Trouble with Being Born, 1973

The Temptation to Exist, Gallimard 1956.  ISBN 978-0-226-10675-5

Histoire et utopie (“History and Utopia”), Gallimard 1960

La Chute dans le temps (“The Fall into Time”), Gallimard 1964

Le Mauvais démiurge (“The New Gods”), Gallimard 1969

De l’inconvénient d’être né (“The Trouble With Being Born”), Gallimard 1973

Écartèlement (tr. “Drawn and Quartered”), Gallimard 1979


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