Peter Handke


Novelist, Playwright

1973 Georg Büchner Prize

1987 Vilenica International Literary Prize

2018 Austrian Nestroy Theatre Prize for Lifetime Achievement

2019 Nobel Prize in Literature


1966 Die Hornissen (The Hornets), novel

1966 Publikumsbeschimpfung und andere Sprechstücke (Offending the Audience and Other Spoken Plays), play, English version as Offending the Audience and Self-accusation

1967 Kaspar, play, English version also as Kaspar and Other Plays

1970 Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter (The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick), novel and screenplay of the 1972 film The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty

1972 Der kurze Brief zum langen Abschied (Short Letter, Long Farewell), novel

1972 Wunschloses Unglück (A Sorrow Beyond Dreams: A Life Story), semi-autobiographical story

1973 Die Unvernünftigen sterben aus, play

1975 Die Stunde der wahren Empfindung (A Moment of True Feeling), novel

1977 Die linkshändige Frau (The Left-Handed Woman), screenplay

1979 Langsame Heimkehr (Slow Homecoming)

1983 Der Chinese des Schmerzes, story

1986 Die Wiederholung (Repetition), novel

1987 Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire), screenplay with Wim Wenders

1992 Die Stunde, da wir nichts voneinander wußten (The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other)

2002 Der Bildverlust oder Durch die Sierra de Gredos (Crossing the Sierra de Gredos), novel

2008 Die morawische Nacht (The Moravian Night)

2010 Immer noch Sturm (Storm Still), a play about the Slovenian uprising against Hitler in 1945


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