Fiona McFarlane


Novelist, writer

The Night Guest, 2013.  Penguin Group (Australia), ISBN 978-1-926428-55-0

The High Places, 2016.   Hamish Hamilton an imprint of Penguin Books, ISBN 978-1-926428-56-7

“Movie People” in Kennedy, Cate (2010), The best Australian stories 2010, Black Inc, ISBN 978-1-86395-495-2

“Exotic Animal Medicine” in Tuffield, Aviva (2010), New Australian stories 2, Scribe, ISBN 978-1-921640-86-5

“I Will Tell You Something” in Adelaide, Debra, 1958–, (editor.) (2015), The Simple Act of Reading, Vintage Books, ISBN 978-0-85798-624-5

“Good News for Modern Man” in Wood, Charlotte, 1965–, (editor.) (2016), The best Australian stories 2016, Black Inc, ISBN 978-1-86395-886-8

“Buttony” in Furman, Laura, (author of introduction, etc.); Bradley, David, 1950–, (writer of supplementary textual content.); McCracken, Elizabeth, (writer of supplementary textual content.); Watson, Brad, 1955–, (writer of supplementary textual content.) (2017), The O. Henry Prize stories 2017, New York Anchor Books, ISBN 978-0-525-43250-0


All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.

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