Wanda Coleman


Poet (1946-2013)

Wicked Enchantment. Black Sparrow Press. 2020. ISBN 978-1574232370.

The World Falls Away. University of Pittsburgh Press. 2011. ISBN 9780822961642.

Jazz and Twelve O’Clock Tales. Black Sparrow Press. 2008. ISBN 9781574232127.

My Crowning Glory. Brickbat Revue. 2006.

The Riot Inside Me: More Trials & Tremors. Black Sparrow Press. 2005. ISBN 9781574232004.

Ostinato Vamps Pitt Poetry Series, 2003-2004. ISBN 9780822958338

Mercurochrome. Black Sparrow. 2001. ISBN 9781574231533. Mambo Hips and Make Believe: A Novel. Black Sparrow. 1999. p. 4. ISBN 9781574230949.

Bathwater Wine. Black Sparrow. 1998. ISBN 9781574230642.

Native In a Strange Land: Trials & Tremors. Black Sparrow. 1996. ISBN 9781574230222. American Sonnets Woodland Pattern 1994.

Hand Dance. Black Sparrow. 1993. ISBN 9780876858967.

African Sleeping Sickness: Stories & Poems. Black Sparrow. 1990. ISBN 9780876858127.

A War of Eyes and Other Stories. Black Sparrow. 1988. ISBN 9780876857359.

Heavy Daughter Blues: Poems & Stories 1968-1986 Black Sparrow 1987.

Imagoes Black Sparrow 1983. ISBN 9780876855096

Mad Dog Black Lady. Black Sparrow. 1979. ISBN 9780876854129.


All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.





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