Karl Popper


The Lesson of this Century: With Two Talks on Freedom and the Democratic State

Expected publication: October 12th 2020 by Routledge (first published 1992)


The Logic of Scientific Discovery, 1934 (as Logik der Forschung, English translation 1959), ISBN 0-415-27844-9

The Poverty of Historicism, 1936 (private reading at a meeting in Brussels, 1944/45 as a series of journal articles in Econometrica, 1957 a book), ISBN 0-415-06569-0

The Open Society and Its Enemies, 1945 Vol 1 ISBN 0-415-29063-5, Vol 2 ISBN 0-415-29063-5

Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics, 1956/57     The Open Universe: An Argument for Indeterminism, 1956/57 (as privately circulated galley proofs; published as a book 1982), ISBN 0-415-07865-2

Realism and the Aim of Science, 1956/57 (as privately circulated galley proofs; published as a book 1983), ISBN 0-09-151450-9

Conjectures and Refutations: The Growth of Scientific Knowledge, 1963, ISBN 0-415-04318-2

Objective Knowledge: An Evolutionary Approach, 1972, Rev. ed., 1979, ISBN 0-19-875024-2

Unended Quest: An Intellectual Autobiography, 2002 [1976]. ISBN 0-415-28589-5 (ISBN 0-415-28590-9)

The Self and Its Brain: An Argument for Interactionism (with Sir John C. Eccles), 1977, ISBN 0-415-05898-8

In Search of a Better World, 1984, ISBN 0-415-13548-6

Die Zukunft ist offen (The Future is Open) (with Konrad Lorenz), 1985 (in German), ISBN 3-492-00640-X

A World of Propensities, 1990, ISBN 1-85506-000-0

The Lesson of this Century, (Interviewer: Giancarlo Bosetti, English translation: Patrick Camiller), 1992, ISBN 0-415-12958-3

All Life is Problem Solving, 1994, ISBN 0-415-24992-9

The Myth of the Framework: In Defence of Science and Rationality (edited by Mark Amadeus Notturno) 1994. ISBN 0-415-13555-9

Knowledge and the Mind-Body Problem: In Defence of Interaction (edited by Mark Amadeus Notturno) 1994 ISBN 0-415-11504-3

The World of Parmenides, Essays on the Presocratic Enlightenment, 1998, (Edited by Arne F. Petersen with the assistance of Jørgen Mejer), ISBN 0-415-17301-9

All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.





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